Passportia Publishes Report on UK Law Affecting Commonwealth Immigration before 1973

In the context of huge media and public interest in the issues and policies affecting the Windrush generation, Passportia has published an in-depth report into the immigration law affecting arrivals from the Commonwealth before 1973.

Authored by Bruce Mennell, Passportia’s director, the report is based on extensive archival research. It is free to read and download.

As well as giving an overview and a history of Immigration law and policy in the decade up to 1973, the document contains a number of suggestions on how to evidence the status people who arrived in the UK from the Commonwealth before 1973, with a focus on arrivals from the West Indies and Carribean. In addition, it contains several proposals for alleviating the issues adversely affecting the Windrush generation and others.

The report will be of particular interest to legal practitioners, immigration advisors, and policymakers.

Read the report now!

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