You might have a claim to British citizenship or a British Passport through an ancestral or other link with the United Kingdom or a former British colonial territory. For example, you may have a claim if you:

  • were born or adopted in the UK or a then British territory,
  • were granted nationality or a passport by the government of the UK or a then British territory,
  • are a woman who before 1983 married a UK citizen or person described above,
  • are a child, grandchild (or in some cases a great-grandchild) of a person described above, or,
  • were resident in the UK or a then British territory or you served its government.

Changes to the law on British nationality in recent years have created many new opportunities for British citizenship claims. There are a wide variety of ways to potentially qualify through a parent, ancestor or colonial connection, and some routes are obscure. Each situation has a potentially different outcome.

We have AI software that can explore every possible avenue for a claim to British nationality including avenues that our competitors are not even aware of. No other company has a system even remotely like this.

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