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Passportia is a specialist immigration firm which is independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Applications for UK visas are made directly to the Home Office or visa application centres, however legal advice on making a claim cannot be obtained from these bodies. Our specialist lawyers offer advice and advocacy services in relation to applications for immigration and visas to the UK.

Why Passportia?

Moving to another country is an important life event. Using an experienced adviser like Passportia helps to reduce the risks. We take away the stress and uncertainty in applying and maximise success.

Whether you are still thinking about possible options or have already identified a particular immigration category, we can work for you. We can identify visa routes that you had not thought of, or can explain how a particular visa actually works in practice.

Remember – information submitted with an application cannot be removed, and a failed application can damage prospects of a future application, even an application in a different category.

Passportia is proud of its reputation and committed to providing high quality advice and good value for money.

Our Services

We assist individuals and families wanting to migrate to (or remain in) the UK in all immigration categories, including:

We also specialise in British nationality law, and our services include applications for naturalisation, registration and recognition of existing citizenship, in particular:

  • Naturalisation as a British citizen (for those resident in UK or serving in UK government or armed forces)
  • Registration of a child as a British citizen (any country)
  • Complex Claim to British nationality through a parent or grandparent from the UK or a British territory (Status Trace).

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Extending your visa in the UK

If you are already in the UK, it is important that you do not overstay your leave or visa. In almost every visa category (unless you are a citizen of a European Union/EEA country) you must extend your leave or visa before it expires, otherwise there can be serious problems for future applications. The Home Office regularly changes the rules and the requirements to extend your visa may have changed or become more difficult since your last visa was issued. You should prepare for an extension at least 2 months before expiry.

registrationHow the Home Office Works

The correct application forms, documents and fee must be submitted together. Almost all applications are decided on these papers alone, without any other communication with the Home Office official, so the way that information is presented is crucial. If your application is refused, you will lose the application fee and it can become more difficult for a future application to succeed.

The growing restrictions on the right of appeal against visa refusals means that it is very important that an application is carefully prepared by a person with substantial knowledge and experience of the law and Home Office policy.

How Passportia Works with a Client

Here are the steps we go through with a client:

  • We discuss your requirements and the options available. This is face-to-face in our London office or by phone.
  • We confirm in writing the outcome of the consultation. This:
  1. States the information you provided.
  2. Explains the UK laws that apply to your situation.
  3. Sets out a fixed fee quote and time estimate for an application.
  4. Describes the steps and documents required for an application.
  • If you decide to proceed then the remaining steps are as follows:
  1. We check that we have all documents required and that they are correct and consistent with the application.
  2. We write a letter of representation demonstrating that you meet all legal requirements and addressing any issues.
  3. Where applicable, we provide you with guidance on attending a visa application centre and any interview.
  4. You check and sign the application form.
  5. We submit the application to the Home Office.
  6. We deal with queries from the Home Office that may arise during the application processing.
  7. You receive regular updates while your case is in progress.
  8. We notify you of the outcome as soon as we know and send you the documents.

Your case would be personally handled by the same senior adviser from start to finish. At any stage in the process you can contact this advisor to ask questions or discuss concerns.

If for any reason an application fails, we would consider an appeal, administrative review or re-application, and advise you. Our in-house advocates can represent you through to the end of the process.

Passportia is permitted to directly represent clients at the immigration appeal tribunals (the courts for immigration law). This has real benefits: i) our senior advisors are experienced advocates who know the law and Home Office practices extremely well and how to present the facts and arguments in the best way possible, ii) if an application fails the advisor with full knowledge of the case can conduct an appeal without having to brief an external advocate.

Don’t Have a European Union/EEA Passport but have ancestors from Europe?

We can also assist with claims to an EEA citizenship through a parent, spouse or ancestor from one of the following countries:

  • United Kingdom (British citizenship)
  • Ireland (Irish citizenship)
  • Germany (German citizenship)

A citizen listed above can generally work in the UK or other any EEA country.

To find out more, phone +1 (305) 770 6530 or use the Contact Us form in the sidebar
Or call using WhatsApp or FaceTime  on your smartphone – click icon (+44 7840 922 721)