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Passportia is a specialist immigration firm which is independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Applications for UK visas are made directly to the Home Office or visa application centres, however legal advice on making a claim cannot be obtained from these bodies.

Our specialist lawyers offer advice and advocacy services in relation to visa applications in the UK. We are accredited to provide immigration services at Level 3 (the highest level) in Immigration and Asylum categories.

New Immigration Laws

New Immigration Laws have been approved by Parliament which will make it more difficult for illegal residents.

    • Landlords will have to check immigration status
    • You may have more difficulty getting health treatment or being registered by a doctor
    • Rights of Appeal are being taken away

It has never been more important to regularise your immigration status.

If you are in the UK illegally we can help. Passportia’s legal advisers are experienced in dealing with overstayers and those with complex immigration histories. The first step is usually a review of your position in light of key Home Office decisions and Immigration Tribunal decisions. We can meet with you to review your immigration history and give you practical and honest advice about the prospects of making your immigration status in the UK legal. Our advice will be non-judgmental and anything you say kept strictly confidential.

Common Applications for Overstayers

EU / EEA family members

If you have no current visa in your passport but you are or have been the family member of an EEA / EU worker, you may be eligible for a 5-year residence card, or even permanent residence.

Long Residence / Private Life

The old ’14 year rule’ ended in August 2012, and it has been replaced by a ‘private life rule’. This generally requires residence in the UK of at least 20-years but it is also possible to establish a claim based on a shorter period of residence; in some cases less than 14 years.

Family Life

We are experienced in making applications based on family life in the UK. We are especially interested in hearing from overstayers who have had children born in the UK or have a partner settled in the UK.

Reconsideration Application

If the Home Office has refused your application for leave and an appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal has failed, then a written application can be made asking for the case to be re-heard at the Upper Tribunal. This is known as a reconsideration application.

Our advisers have a great success rate in reconsideration applications. Our approach is thorough and systematic; we look at the first Tribunal decision from all possible angles. Our extensive experience of Upper Tribunal work means we are well-appointed to judge which arguments are most likely to be effective.


Our advisers are experienced in handling deportation appeals, especially for people facing deportation who are EU/EEA nationals or have family life in the UK. We are able to handle your case from beginning to end as our advisers are experienced in advocacy before the First-Tier and Upper Tribunals and can represent you directly.

‘Legacy applications’ and postal asylum claims

Many applicants who are trying to regularise their status do not realise that the Home Office does not consider them to have an outstanding (non-finalised) application or any legal barrier to their removal. Sadly, some legal representatives will offer to make a ‘legacy application’, or submit an asylum claim by post without understanding that the Home Office does not consider this to be a formal application. In many cases it is not clear whether a person should be making a charged application on a form or applying in person. Passportia can advise you clearly on the correct route to secure a visa.

Bail Applications

If you or a family member has been arrested and has no immigration status, they may be placed in immigration detention. Passportia’s advisers are experienced advocates with a successful track record in making bail applications before the First-Tier Tribunal. This includes cases involving deportation of foreign criminals where the Home Office and other government services such as Probation services may oppose the release. We are also experienced in dealing with bail applications by those who have been refused multiple times in the past.

Funding your case

Although we do not offer legal aid, our rates are competitive and offer very good value for money. We will also agree to a fixed fee structure at the start of your case so that you are fully aware of all costs upfront. Legal aid is only available for cases involving asylum / trafficking or domestic violence issues. Human rights claims under Article 8 (family and private life) are no longer eligible for public funding.

If you are an overstayer or suspect that you might be in the UK illegally, contact us for a consultation by phoning us on [hana-code-insert name=\’UK Number\’ /], on [hana-code-insert name=\’Skype\’ /], enter your details in the sidebar form , or request an evaluation:

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Our Client Care Process

Passportia is dedicated to providing you with the advice you need in a clear and helpful manner. You can read more about the usual process we go through with a client here.