What is Passportia?

Passportia is a private firm that advises on UK immigration and nationality law. Passportia is regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), the UK government body regulating immigration and nationality law advice.

How Passportia Works with a Client

Here are the steps we normally go through with a client:

  • We discuss your requirements and the options available. This is face-to-face in our office or by phone.
  • We confirm in writing the outcome of the consultation. This:
  1. States the information you provided.
  2. Explains the UK laws that apply to your situation.
  3. Sets out a fixed fee quote and time estimate for an application.
  4. Describes the steps and documents required for an application.
  • If you decide to proceed then the remaining steps are as follows:
  1. We check that we have all documents required and that they are correct and consistent with the application.
  2. We write a letter of representation demonstrating that you meet all legal requirements and addressing any issues.
  3. Where applicable, we provide you with guidance on attending a visa application centre and any interview.
  4. You check and sign the application form.
  5. We submit the application to the Home Office.
  6. We deal with queries from the Home Office that may arise during the application processing.
  7. You receive regular updates while your case is in progress.
  8. We notify you of the outcome as soon as we know and send you the documents.

Your case would be personally handled by the same senior adviser from start to finish. At any stage in the process you can contact this advisor to ask questions or discuss concerns.
If for any reason an application fails, we would consider an appeal, administrative review or re-application, and advise you. Our in-house advocates can represent you through to the end of the process.

How the Home Office Works

The Home Office expects to receive the correct application forms, correct supporting documents and fee all together. Applications are usually decided on these papers only, so preparation and presentation of information are crucial to success. Information, once supplied, cannot be removed. If your application is refused, you will lose the application fee and it can be more difficult for a future application to succeed.