Who can get a British Passport?British Passport

  • Only a British National can get a British / UK Passport.
  • Passportia can investigate if you have a claim to British Nationality.
  • You can apply to HM Passport Office for a British Passport.
  • If you need help to understand if you are eligible for a British Passport or prove your nationality to the Passport Office, then read on!

You may have a right to a British Passport

Passportia – British Nationality Specialists

We help people get or prove British Nationality and thus get a British Passport, most often in one of these categories:

  1. child of a British citizen born outside the United Kingdom,
  2. person with British or Irish ancestry,
  3. person with family links to a former British colony or protectorate,
  4. woman who married before 1983 a man in a category above,
  5. person resident in the UK or British overseas territory, or serving its government (see naturalisation).

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Passportia is a specialist nationality advice firm independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Legal advice on how to demonstrate and substantiate a claim cannot be obtained from the government.

In a nutshell…

British Nationals can claim a British Passport and enjoy many benefits, including in many cases the right to live and work in the UK.

You could be a British National from birth even if you never had a UK Passport and never visited the UK.

In order to use your British Nationality, it would first have to be recognised by the UK government.

Your claim could be simple or complex. We specialise in helping people who have potential complex claim to British Nationality.

Do I have a Simple Claim?

We consider these to be simple claims for British Nationality:

  • You were born in the UK before 1983 and your father was not connected with an embassy or consulate,
  • Your father was born in the UK before 1983 (and your parents were married) and your father’s father was not connected with an embassy or consulate,
  • You were born in the UK after 1982 to a parent who was a British citizen or resident in the UK with Indefinite Leave to Remain (at the time of your birth), or
  • Your father was granted citizenship by the UK government before your birth (and your parents were married).

Applications for a British passport by an applicant in a category above can usually be made without the need for a specialist nationality lawyer. The issues mainly concern evidence and documentation, verification of identity, and sometimes the validity of a marriage.

Do I have a Complex Claim?

Whether you have a complex claim to British Nationality depends on factors such as your family history, including the places and dates of birth of your parents and grandparents. It can also depend on dates of adoption, marriage and the independence provisions of former UK territories.

The following are clues that you may have a complex claim to British nationality.

You or a parent:

  • held a British Passport,
  • was born, adopted, or lived in the UK or an current British territory,
  • was born in a former British territory to a parent born elsewhere or to unmarried parents,
  • was born in a former British territory and did not become a citizen of the independent country,
  • was a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, or a British Protected person.

If you think you may have a complex claim to British Nationality, our specialist nationality lawyers can help.

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What Passportia Does

If you have a simple claim, or qualify in a different category (for example for registration) we will inform you.

However if you believe you have a complex claim, to determine this conclusively we will need to prepare a Nationality Report. This is a legal opinion from our lawyers who will examine your family history and old documents such as birth, marriage and registration certificates to determine if there is a possible claim (sometimes known as a ’Status Trace’). If the Nationality Report has a positive outcome, we can then help you with the appropriate application to get official recognition of your status.

When we submit an application on your behalf, we will send a detailed letter of representation setting out the basis of your claim. Nationality applications can require a high standard of documentary evidence and argument to achieve a successful outcome. This is our expertise.

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Who normally qualifies for registration as a British citizen?

Currently there are 14 categories for registration. Below is a summary of these categories.

  • A person born in the UK after 1982 who did not become a British citizen at birth: 3 categories.
  • A person under the age of 18 at the date of application who did not become a British citizen at birth: 7 categories. (Usually a parent must have been a British citizen. It is best to apply as early as possible.)
  • A person (in most cases born outside the UK): 4 categories, including the following two:
  1. Born before 1983 and who would have become a British citizen in 1983 had his, or her, mother been treated as a male under the law in force before 1983, or,
  2. A British Overseas citizen, British subject, British National (Overseas) or British protected person who has no other nationality.

If you think you might fall into one of these categories and would like us to assess your eligibility, phone us on +1 (305) 770 6530 or Request Evaluation

Who Normally Qualifies for Naturalisation as a British citizen?

You could qualify for naturalisation as a British citizen if, for at least the last 3 years, you:

  • lived legally in the UK or a British overseas territory, or
  • worked in the British Armed Forces, or
  • worked for the UK government (usually outside the UK.)

You can read more about our naturalisation service here.

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Was an application you made refused?

We can assist with review of failed applications.

Our Client Care Process

Passportia is dedicated to providing you with the advice you need in a clear and helpful manner. You can read more about the usual process we go through with a client here.