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Passportia is a specialist nationality advice firm independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Applications for official recognition of British nationality are made directly to the UK authorities, however legal advice on how to make and substantiate a claim cannot be obtained from the authorities. Our nationality lawyers help people with complex claims for British nationality.

Free Professional Consultation

If your application for British citizenship, British nationality, or right of abode was refused, we can analyse the situation and identify if your application was incorrectly handled or inadequately prepared, and if it is worth appealing. Simply get in touch by phoning us on [hana-code-insert name=\’UK Number\’ /] or on Skype or enter your details in the sidebar form.

Your Right to Representation against a right of abode refusal

If you have been refused right of abode then you have the right to appeal. We believe that everyone has the right to be represented and we will never refuse to represent your appeal. We will give you our view on the probability of success and provide you with a fixed fee structure so you will know how much the process is going to cost upfront. You have a limited time in which to appeal so you should act decisively. We can however help you make an application to extend the deadline for appeal if you are late.

Administrative review of a refusal

If your application for British citizenship or another type of British Nationality has been refused, then there is a right to administrative review that can be lodged at any time, even after many years.

A review is only likely to succeed if the refusal can be shown to have been on the wrong grounds, new evidence is supplied, or current policies are more favourable. The success of an application for review hinges on it being well presented and argued.

Application refused for a British Passport?

passport1-e1399577455864It is possible to apply for a British passport at any time. If a previous application failed on the grounds of the consulate or Passport Office not being satisfied as to the applicant’s nationality, then it is usually necessary to first obtain recognition of the applicant’s nationality by the UK Home Office (a branch of government). Once the Home Office recognises that the applicant is a British citizen or other type of British national, an application for a British passport (accompanied by the Home Office certificate) should be quick and straightforward.

If a previous application for a British passport failed due to an issue with identity then it is necessary to provide further proof of the applicant’s identity. In these cases we will help you establish your identity with evidence and a legal argument.

To find out more please phone us on [hana-code-insert name=\’UK Number\’ /] or Skype or enter your details in the sidebar form.