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British PassportWe help people to acquire or prove British Citizenship and get a British Passport, often through an ancestral or residential link with the UK or British colonial territory. You may be eligible if you were:

  • born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory,
  • a child of a British citizen or person descriaced above,
  • a person with British or Irish ancestry,
  • a person with a family link to a former British colony or protectorate,
  • a woman who married a UK citizen before 1983, or,
  • a person resident in the UK or British overseas territory, or serving its government or military services (see naturalisation).

Recent changes to the law have created many more opportunities for children to acquire British citizenship through a father or mother, including adopted children and children of unmarried parents. There are hundreds of ways to potentially qualify through a parent or grandparent or colonial connection. Each situation has to be assessed individually.

Some Examples of People who may Qualify for British Citizenship

Examples include a person who was:

  • born to or adopted by a parent who was born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born to a parent who was born after 1948 and that parent’s father was born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born after 1948 to parents who married before 1949 and your father’s father was born or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born between 1949 and 1982 in a territory under British jurisdiction and your grandfather was born or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born between 1949 and 1982 and your parent was born in a territory under British jurisdiction, and that parent’s father was born or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born to a parent who was registered as a British citizen or citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies
  • born, resident or naturalised in a British territory before it became independent and either
    • your parent or grandparent was born or naturalised in the UK or another British territory
    • your parents were born outside the independent country
    • your parents did not marry each other before independence
    • you failed to acquire citizenship of the independent country
  • born before 1983 to a parent in the category above
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Examples in Southern Africa include a person:

  • born, adopted, registered, naturalised or resident in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) or Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) or Nyasaland (Malawi) before independence
  • born in South Africa between 31 May 1962 and 1982, with a grandfather born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born in South West Africa (now Namibia) before 31 May 1962 with a grandfather born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory
  • born before 1983 to a parent in a category listed above
  • naturalised in South Africa before 1949 and who emigrated before 2 September 1949.
  • (a woman) born or naturalised in South Africa before 1949 and who married before 2 September 1949 a man born outside South Africa

List of British territories, past and present

Aden, colony, State of and protectorate of, later part of Yemen (to 29 Nov 1967)
Amoy, later Xiamen China (to 16 Sep 1930)
Anguilla (continuing)
Antigua and Barbuda (to 26 Feb 1967)
Ascension Island (to 26 Oct 1922)
Ashanti – part of Gold Coast (to 5 Mar 1957)
Ashmore and Cartier Islands (to 31 Dec 1948)
Ashmore Islands (to 2 May 1934)
Aubad Island (to 26 Jun 1960)
Bahamas (to 9 Jul 1973)
Barbados (to 29 Nov 1966)
Basutoland, later Lesotho (to 3 Oct 1966)
Bechuanaland Protectorate, later Botswana (to 29 Sep 1966)
British Honduras, later Belize (to 20 Sep 1981)
Bermuda (continuing)
British Antarctic Territory (continuing)
British Burma, later Burma and Myanamar (to 3 Jan 1948)
British Guiana (later Guyana) (to 25 May 1966)
British Indian Ocean Territory (continuing)
Brunei (to 31 Dec 1983)
Cameroons – British, later part of Nigeria (to 30 Sep 1961)
Cartier Island (to 2 May 1934)
Cayman Islands (continuing)
Ceylon, later Sri Lanka (31 Dec 1948)
Channel Islands – Jersey, Gurnsey, Sark and dependencies (continuing)
Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) (to 30 Sep 1958)
Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) (to 27 Nov 1919)
Cyprus (to 9 Aug 1960)
Cyprus, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, British military bases (continuing)
Dominica (to 28 Feb 1967)
Falkland Islands and dependencies (continuing)
Fanning Island (to 18 May 1916)
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Central African Federation) – see Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland Fiji (to 9 Oct 1970)
Gambia, Colony and Protectorate of (to 17 Feb 1965)
Gan Island (to 29 Mar 1976)
Gibraltar (continuing)
Gilbert and Ellice Islands, later Kiribati and Tuvalu (to 11 Jul 1979)
Gold Coast Colony, Ashanti and protectorate, later Ghana (to 5 Mar 1957)
Grenada (to 21 Feb 1967)
Heard and McDonald Islands (to 31 Dec 1948)
Hong Kong (to 30 Jun 1997)
India: independent India, Pakistan or British India (to 31 Dec 1948)
Isle of Man (continuing)
Jamaica (to 5 Aug 1962)
Kenya, Colony and Protectorate of (to 11 Dec 1963)
Kuria Muria Islands (to 29 Nov 1967)
Labuan, later part of Malaysia (to 14 Jul 1946)
Lawas River, later part of Malaysia (to 15 Sep 1963)
Leeward Islands (to 1 Jan 1960)
Line Islands (to 11 Jul 1979)
Malacca, later part of Malaysia (to 30 Aug 1957)
Malaya, later Malaysia (Malay States, Penang, Malacca, Labuan, Dindings, Province Wellesley) (to 30 Aug 1957)
Malta (to 20 Sep 1964)
Mantanani Islands (to 15 Sep 1963)
Mauritius (to 11 Mar 1968)
Montserrat (continuing)
Nigeria, Colony and Protectorate of (to 30 Sep 1960)
Norfolk Island (to 31 Dec 1948)
Northern Rhodesia, later Zambia (to 23 Oct 1964)
Northern Territories – part of Gold Coast (to 5 Mar 1957)
Nyasaland Protectorate, later Malawi (to 5 Jul 1964)
Pakistan, British India or independent India (to 31 Dec 1948)
Papua, later part of Papua New Guinea (to 31 Dec 1948)
Penang Island, later part of Malaysia (to 30 Aug 1957)
Perim Island (to 29 Nov 1967)
Phoenix Islands (to 17 Mar 1937)
Pitcairn and dependencies Ducie Island, Henderson Island, Oeno Island (continuing)
Prince Edward Islands (to 3 Jan 1948)
Ross Dependency (to 31 Dec 1948)
Sabah, British North Borneo, later part of Malaysia (to 15 Sep 1963)
Saint Helena and its dependencies Gough Island, Inaccessible Island, Nightingale Island and Tristan da Cunha (continuing)
Sarawak, later part of Malaysia (to 15 Sep 1963)
Seychelles (to 28 Jun 1976)
Sierra Leone, Colony and Protectorate of (to 26 Apr 1961)
Singapore (to 2 Jun 1959)
Somaliland, State of – formerly British Somaliland (to 26 Jun 1960)
South Arabia, Protectorate of, later part of Yemen (to 29 Nov 1967)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (continuing)
South Sandwich Islands (to 31 Aug 1908)
Southern Nigeria, Colony of (to 30 Sep 1960)
Southern Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe (to 31 Dec 1948)
St. Christopher and Nevis (to 26 Feb 1967)
St. Lucia (to 28 Feb 1967)
St. Vincent (to 26 Oct 1969)
Straits Settlements, later part of Malaysia or Singapore (to 31 Mar 1946)
Swaziland (to 6 Sep 1968)
Tanganyika Territory, later Tanzania (to 8 Dec 1961)
Togoland, British (to 5 Mar 1957)
Tokelau Islands (to 12 Sep 1948)
Trinidad and Tobago (to 30 Aug 1962)
Turks and Caicos Islands (continuing)
Uganda, Protectorate of (to 8 Oct 1962)
Virgin Islands, British (continuing)
Washington Island (to 18 May 1916)
Wei-Hai-Wei (Weihai Garrison or Port Edward), later Weihei China (to 30 Sep 1930)
West Indies Federation (to 31 May 1962)
Windward Islands (to 1 Jan 1960)
Zanzibar (Sultanate), later part of Kenya and Tanzania (to 9 Dec 1963)

The birth, registration, naturalisation or other event must have taken place by the date specified in “( )”

How we Work with a Client

How Passportia Works

  • You provide us with information on your history or your family history, ideally using the Evaluation Form on our website
  • We make a free informal evaluation of your citizenship prospects within 5 days. If we are confident that we can get you citizenship, then we provide a fixed price quote
  • If you wish to proceed, then we will work through the following steps:
    1. We email you an agreement for signature. This lists all the documents that should be needed.
    2. You send us these documents and deposit the fee in our Client Escrow Account.
    3. We prepare the application forms, evidence dossier and a legal opinion to significantly increase your chances of success.
    4. We submit the application to the government and handle all inevitable queries.
    5. Following the government decision we send you your new citizenship certificate or passport and the documents you had supplied.

Our agreement includes a “no win no fee” option for an extra 33% of the quoted fee. If we proceed on a “no win no fee” basis and the application fails, then we refund the amount you deposited in our Client Escrow Account, less £100.

Our success rate is over 90% for citizenship claims. This includes notoriously difficult discretionary applications for adopted children. Please view our many testimonials from satisfied clients.

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Passportia is a specialist citizenship advice firm independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Legal advice on how to demonstrate and substantiate a claim cannot be obtained from the government.

You may have a right to a British Passport

In a nutshell…

British Nationals can claim a British Passport and enjoy many benefits, including the right to live and work in the UK.

You can be a British National from birth, even if you have never had a UK Passport and never visited the UK.

In order to use your British Citizenship, it must be recognised by the UK government.

Your claim can be simple or complex. We specialise in helping people who have potentially complex claims to British Citizenship.

Was an application you made in the past refused?

It is sometimes possible to appeal against a refusal. An administrative review of a UK application can be lodged at any time, even for an application made years ago. An application for review has to be very well presented and argued. Also, changes to the law may mean that an application previously refused might may now qualify.

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