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Paying for Our Services With PayPal

Payment and Cancellation

If you make payment for our services through a PayPal account, and you decide to cancel the services before we begin work, we will refund your payment. Once we begin work on your behalf, we will notify you by sending an email to the address you have provided to us, confirming that we have accepted your payment and begun work on your matter. At this point we will take your payment from PayPal. You should then be able to see the payment in your PayPal account history.

Delivery Policy

Where you have instructed us to provide services (except for a telephone consultation which is covered below) by making payment on PayPal, the services will be delivered when we have sent you a client care letter to the email address you provided to us. The client care letter will confirm important information about your case and advice. Once we have accepted your payment we will provide a client care letter within 5 working days. If 5 days have elapsed from the date on which you made payment and you have not received a client care letter, please contact us as this may be due to a transmission error. If we have not emailed you a client care letter on or before this date (5 days after we took your payment) you will be entitled to a full refund.
Having made payment you may however request more time to collect the relevant documents or information relevant to your claim. In this case we will within 5 working days of payment send you a client care letter containing general advice about your position, and the service will be delivered at this point.
Where you have paid for a telephone consultation using PayPal, the services will have been delivered at the conclusion of the telephone consultation, whereupon we will send you a courtesy email confirming the call to the email address you provided to us.

Prices & Description of Service

The following services are available for purchase through the website with PayPal.

Status Trace (£350) Evaluate if you are a British citizen or other type of UK national and provide a report setting out the relevant facts and law.
Status Letter (£150 after Status Trace) Prepare and submit to the Home Office an application for a status letter.
Telephone Consultation (£30) A telephone meeting with you.  This is a screening process to allow us to identify which application may be most appropriate for you.

Refund timeframe

If we have not provided a client care letter within 5 working days of payment, then we will process your refund within a further 2 working days.
If you purchase a telephone consultation, and the consultation does not take place within 5 working days of the date last agreed, we will process a refund within a further 2 working days.
Refund will be made to your PayPal account (if PayPal was used), or the card used for the payment.

Working Days

A working day is any day except for a Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday in the United Kingdom or from 27th to 31st December inclusive.
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