Our New Zealand citizenship services

Many people who were born outside New Zealand, and who have never visited the country, may be New Zealand citizens through an ancestral connection.

We offer a systematic evaluation process that can establish if you have New Zealand citizenship or if you can easily obtain it. Following our free initial assessment, we can prepare a “Status Trace” that analyses your family history and whether you can claim New Zealand citizenship.

Our Status Trace will state the legal basis of the claim to New Zealand citizenship with detailed reference to the relevant legislation. It can also be used to support an application for a New Zealand passport and explains the circumstances under which New Zealand citizenship can be passed on to children.

For a free initial evaluation phone +1 (305) 770 6530 or Request Free Evaluation

Our other services include:

  • Application for official recognition of existing New Zealand citizenship,
  • Application for registration as a New Zealand citizen,
  • Application for recovery of a New Zealand citizenship which has been lost,
  • Review failed application for any of the above,
  • Review possibilities for passing New Zealand citizenship to a family member.

Who is eligible for New Zealand Citizenship?

In most cases, you might be eligible for New Zealand citizenship by descent if:

  • you were born or adopted in New Zealand
  • you were granted New Zealand citizenship, or before 1949 British subject status, by the government of New Zealand or Western Samoa
  • you were on 1 January 1949 a resident of New Zealand and a British subject
  • you were born before 1949 in Western Samoa and your father was a British subject at your birth
  • you were married to a man who became a New Zealand citizen on 1 January 1949 or would if alive would have done so
  • you were born after 1948 outside New Zealand to a New Zealand citizen parent other than by descent
  • you were born after 1948 outside New Zealand and your birth was registered in New Zealand (through a New Zealand or other consulate)
  • you were born between 1949 and 1972 to a New Zealand citizen in a country listed here.

The validity of a marriage in New Zealand law can also be a complex factor. Another complex situation is a person born to parents who were unmarried at the date of birth.
For a free initial evaluation phone +1 (305) 770 6530 or Request Free Evaluation

New Zealand Protected Persons

At one time the, status of “New Zealand protected person” existed for people connected with Western Samoa. The status was abolished when Western Samoa became independent on 1 January 1962. Those with New Zealand protected person status did not automatically acquire New Zealand citizenship. If you had such status, and are now stateless, please contact us.

The Benefits of New Zealand Citizenship

A person with New Zealand citizenship can apply for a New Zealand passport and is able to do the following:

  • live, work or study in New Zealand with no restrictions
  • freely enter and live, work or study in Australia indefinitely
  • travel without a visa to 168 countries including US, Canada and EU/EEA (for more details see here)

A New Zealand citizen is also a Commonwealth citizen in UK law. If you are a Commonwealth citizen you may be eligible for UK right of abode if you were born before 1983. You might also be able to obtain an Ancestry Visa to the UK. With an Ancestry Visa you can work in the UK with relatively few restrictions for at least 5 years.

As a Commonwealth citizen, you are also eligible for employment with the UK civil or military service and may utilise consular assistance from the British embassy or consulate in countries where there is no representative of New Zealand.

How we Work with a Client

How Passportia Works

  • You provide us with information on your history or your family history, ideally using the Evaluation Form on our website
  • We make a free informal evaluation of your citizenship prospects within 5 days. If we are confident that we can get you citizenship, then we provide a fixed price quote
  • If you wish to proceed, then we will work through the following steps:
    1. We email you an agreement for signature. This lists all the documents that should be needed.
    2. You send us these documents and deposit the fee in our Client Escrow Account.
    3. We prepare the application forms, evidence dossier and a legal opinion to significantly increase your chances of success.
    4. We submit the application to the government and handle all inevitable queries.
    5. Following the government decision we send you your new citizenship certificate or passport and the documents you had supplied.

Our agreement includes a “no win no fee” option for an extra 33% of the quoted fee. If we proceed on a “no win no fee” basis and the application fails, then we refund the amount you deposited in our Client Escrow Account, less £100.

Our success rate is over 90% for citizenship claims. This includes notoriously difficult discretionary applications for adopted children. Please view our many testimonials from satisfied clients.