European-Union-Flag-256Visit, Work, Study or Live in a European Country

Who has this benefit?

An EEA national or a family member with an appropriate EEA residence permit may work in any country in the European Union or EEA.
All British citizens are EEA nationals, as are citizens of most European countries (see EEA national).

What Passportia does?

We start by looking for any useful citizenships you might have such as British, Irish, German or of another European Union country.

Further information:
For more information on Irish citizenship see Citizenship of Ireland.
For more information on German citizenship see Citizenship of Germany
For more information on British citizenship see nationality of United Kingdom.
For an EEA family or residence permit for you or a family member to live in the UK, see Applications for Residence under the EU regulations.
For an EEA family or residence permit for you or a family member to live in Ireland, phone or email us.

For an evaluation phone +1 (305) 770 6530 or Request Evaluation

How Passportia Works

  • You provide us with information on your history or your family history, ideally using the Evaluation Form on our website
  • We make a free informal evaluation of your citizenship prospects within 5 days. If we are confident that we can get you citizenship, then we provide a fixed price quote
  • If you wish to proceed, then we will work through the following steps:
    1. We email you an agreement for signature. This lists all the documents that should be needed.
    2. You send us these documents and deposit the fee in our Client Escrow Account.
    3. We prepare the application forms, evidence dossier and a legal opinion to significantly increase your chances of success.
    4. We submit the application to the government and handle all inevitable queries.
    5. Following the government decision we send you your new citizenship certificate or passport and the documents you had supplied.

Our agreement includes a “no win no fee” option for an extra 33% of the quoted fee. If we proceed on a “no win no fee” basis and the application fails, then we refund the amount you deposited in our Client Escrow Account, less £100.

Our success rate is over 90% for citizenship claims. This includes notoriously difficult discretionary applications for adopted children. Please view our many testimonials from satisfied clients.