Submit a Citizenship Questionnaire to Passportia

Citizenship law is complex. By completing and returning our citizenship questionnaire you will give our advisors a much clearer understanding of the details of your case.

This will help us to make a faster and more comprehensive assesment of your claim’s merits, maximising your chances of finding a workable citizenship solution.



How to complete and submit your questionniare:

  • Download and save the questionnaire to your device
  • Fill in the form in as much detail as possible either by completing and saving the PDF or by printing and completing by hand
  • Email the completed questionnaire to

We will acknowledge receipt of your questionnaire and pass it onto the relevant citizenship advisors. We aim to analyse questionnaires quickly, although please be aware that at busy times there may be a longer delay to allow us to look at all questionnaires with appropriate care.


Having issues with downloading or filling in the questionnaire?

  • If you are having a technical issue, first try downloading the questionnaire as a regular PDF or a Word Document and then following the procedure above.
  • You can also submit an enquiry or evaluation request using our contact form.
  • We are happy to provide guidance on any aspect of completing the questionnaire. To speak to an advisor, please call our offices between 8.30am and 6.00pm Mon-Fri (UK time).