Is My Wife Eligible for a UK Passport?
When you are wondering if your wife is eligible for a UK passport, you can be confident in working with us to investigate her eligibility. The prospect of applying for a UK passport can be a task that you’re not entirely comfortable with completing, but could be worth finalising.

There are many benefits to obtaining a UK passport, but it’s entirely natural to have reservations about the process; but that’s why we’re available to help you.

Here at Passportia, we strive to provide a faultless service where you can not only work with us in completing the steps to obtain British citizenship, but you can learn about your rights throughout the process. We are recognised as a reputable citizenship law specialist; providing legal advice for the application of citizenship not only in the UK, but Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA and other countries. We have a very high success rate in all claims, especially with complex claims.

For women who are exploring their options to become a UK citizen, we’ve dealt with many successful claims. There are many ways in which you could have a claim, but if you’re specifically a women who married a UK citizen before 1983; are a resident in the UK or British territory; or serving the government or military services, you may be eligible to a claim British citizenship through Naturalisation.

Request an evaluation for your wife’s eligibility today.

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