The law surrounding citizenship in the UK will be changing and altering as the Brexit negotiations begin to take full effect for the country’s removal from the European Union. At Passportia, we’re citizenship law experts that can help you obtain a UK right of abode.

Living in the UK is a dream for many. The lifestyle and wealth that can be made means that millions of people try to enter the United Kingdom annually. This can become a reality for you with our team at Passportia. We’re experienced in helping people by proving their British Citizenship or to legally gain a British passport.

There have been many different amendments to the laws relating to naturalisation and citizenship through family links. This means you could be entitled to apply for a British passport without knowing it. We’re passionate about finding the perfect result for you.

Most of our work stems from residential or ancestral links, which can be used as leverage for your application. You may have been originally born in the UK, have a family link to someone British or to a former colony or protectorate, and our team can find out if you qualify for British nationality or UK right of abode.

The only way you can discover for sure whether you are able to live and stay in the UK and get an official right to abode, is to speak to a team such as ours. Talk to us today.