One of the most common ways to become a British citizen is through naturalisation and there are certain criteria you need to meet to be accepted in this way. If you have lived in the UK for 5 years or more, have no serious criminal convictions and you are aged over 18, then it may be possible for you to get British citizenship by naturalisation. If you wish to apply to become a British citizen, then we can help support and advise you on whether this may be possible and the best course of action. We always check if there are easier or cheaper routes to British citizenship based on ancestry.

What we do

At Passportia, we have helped many of our clients with naturalisation and through our experience, we are able to look into your background and offer advice to help you become a British Citizen. A common challenge is a person’s UK immigration history or interrupted periods of residence in the UK. There is a lot of information on the internet, but this can be complex to understand and you never quite know if what you are reading is accurate or complete, or relevant to your situation. As we are experts in this field, you can be assured that what we tell you is accurate and factual.

Find out more

To get in touch and find out more about becoming a British Citizen you can speak to us directly by calling us on 020 3695 5385. You can also request an assessment directly via our website.

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