Do you want to get a British Citizenship Certificate? By using our services here at Passportia, you can do that – we’re one of the UK’s leading citizenship advisers, supporting those who believe they have a right for British citizenship.

Whether you are looking to gain British citizenship or you would like to get certification of your UK citizenship claim, we can help you with our professional advice. In terms of a replacement British citizenship certificate, you may have to pay a fee to order your replacement registration or naturalisation certificate; whether it’s due to your misplacement or errors on the certificate. It’s important to ensure all the details are accurate on the certificate, so if this needs to be completed, then please do so.

If you’re beginning the process of gaining British citizenship, the way in which we work is that once we have completed all of the required steps for submitting your claim for British citizenship, we will send you your new citizenship certificate or passport and the documents you had supplied if everything goes through.

Our British citizenship services are extremely effective for anyone who is looking for support in gaining British citizenship or a British Passport, but once you’ve done this and you have gained British certification, we are available to support you further if required.

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