Are you wondering how you can obtain British citizenship? By using our services here at Passportia, we’ll be able to work with you in obtaining your British citizenship or British passport.

We have supported many people over the years to prove British citizenship or supporting them through obtaining a British Passport. Often the ancestral or residential link with the UK or British colonial territory are extremely common and effective, but there is an array of options to prove your eligibility – ranging from the prospect that you were born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory, to having a person with a family link to a former British colony or protectorate.

The way in which we work with our clients is to complete an assessment; we require your history or family history using our Evaluation Form to begin the process.

After you provide your information to us, we will review it and see if we believe that you have a rightful claim to attain British citizenship. We’ll be able to make an evaluation of your citizenship prospects within 5 days, and provide a fixed quote if you stand a good chance.

Should you decide to proceed, we’ll work closely with you to complete the required Government applications and processes.

Find out more today about obtaining a British Citizenship by proceeding through the rest of our website.

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