Obtaining a British passport for children is important, especially with the effects of Article 50 and Brexit dangling over European citizens that want to remain resident in the United Kingdom. You may require help to ensure your child gains British citizenship or a British passport, and that’s where our team here at Passportia can help – their experience in UK citizenship and immigration law will hugely benefit you and your child’s chances.

With Britain seen as a haven for a better life, we want to help people secure or prove their right to live in the United Kingdom with our citizenship and immigration expertise. We can guide you through the process with the Home Office and are especially passionate about getting all children a British passport.

After you provide us with information on your family history, we will give you a view on prospects within five days. Depending on how the evaluation goes, we will give you a fixed price quote on your citizenship process.

With ever-tightening regulation on immigration and passport processes, we are here to give you the best opportunity for a British passport. We also have a 90% success rate for our citizenship claims, giving you confidence to try our service.

To find out more about how we can help you or your child attain a British passport, get in touch with our team, or read about our British Citizenship & Passport For a Child page.

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