British Nationality Law can be a complex area of law and regulation to understand, but that is why we’re here at Passportia – we want to ensure that you are well-aware of your rights under the law and understand the process of obtaining British citizenship or a British passport. We as a company endeavour to offer a service that is transparent and stress-free, with the aim of achieving your desired conclusion.

We are a leading citizenship law specialist with a proven track-record. We have been highly successful with complex claims by delivering a precise, fast and flexible support to clients and well prepared applications to the Home Office. In terms of our British Citizenship services, we strive to help people acquire or prove British Citizenship, and to be granted a British passport. However, we do take great care in deciding whether we believe that we have a good chance of gaining British Citizenship for you. Often, it is quite easy for us to tell if a claim exists through an ancestral or residential link with the UK. In other cases, it can require a complex Status Trace.

There are multiple factors to consider, some of which include whether you were born, adopted or naturalised in the UK or a British territory, if you are a person with British or Irish ancestry, or even if you’re a woman who married a UK citizen before 1983 – such evidence could prove your eligibility.

You can get started today by completing our Evaluation Form on our website. Once complete, we will review your information and provide you with our evaluation of your citizenship prospects within the next 5 days.