What is Passportia?

We specialize in obtaining citizenship for clients. Our staff has many years of legal expertise and experience. Fast, flexible and precise, we maintain nearly 100% success with complex claims based on ancestry, family history, colonial connections, or adoptions. Our experts provide advice for citizenship in the following countries:

blue_logoWe are regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), a body of the British Government responsible for maintaining professional and ethical standards for nationality and immigration services.

How Passportia Works

  • You provide us with information on your history or your family history, ideally using the Evaluation Form on our website
  • We make an informal evaluation of your citizenship prospects within 5 days. If we are confident that we can get you citizenship, then we provide a fixed price quote
  • If you wish to proceed, then we will work through the following steps:
    1. We email you an agreement for signature. This lists all the documents that should be needed.
    2. You send us these documents and deposit the fee in our Client Escrow Account.
    3. We prepare the application forms, evidence dossier and a legal opinion to significantly increase your chances of success.
    4. We submit the application and handle all inevitable queries.
    5. Following the government decision we send you your new citizenship certificate or passport and the documents you had supplied.

Our success rate is over 90% for citizenship claims. This includes notoriously difficult discretionary applications for adopted children. Please view our many testimonials from satisfied clients.

Passportia's easy to follow process

How the British Home Office Works

The correct application forms, correct supporting documents and fee must be submitted together to the Home Office. Application decisions are normally based on the documents originally supplied with the application, so preparation and presentation of information and arguments are crucial to success. Once information has been supplied, it cannot easily be changed or withdrawn. If your application is refused, the application fee will not be refunded, and any future application may be more challenging.